Friday, February 8, 2013

Out of Etsy hibernation

I have finally posted some wares on Etsy!  Things got hectic with the new house, then the hubby's new schedule at work, then the holidays... but I finally managed to devote some time to stocking my shop!  Here are some pictures of what is available right now!

As always, Customs are more than welcome!! Drop me a line if you are looking for something that isn't in stock right now!

Holiday gifts

The holidays have come and gone for another year... I did some heavy duty gift knitting for my family... anyone want to see some pics??  Here ya go!

Hubby's, ummmm, Naughty Deer hat

One of Alli's leg warmers.  Who would have thought the 80's would come back??
A Panda hat for Abby

A Mohawk hat for the Boy 

Not knitting, but this was my daycare kids' family gifts.  We added pictures to the little holes and the kids wrapped them up for their families.  It was a HUGE hit!!