Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Alice Mitts pattern

As seen in The Twilight Saga: New Moon...
Check out the adorable fingerless mitts that Alice is wearing... her version is done in bulky yarn, but here is my version done in worsted
These are super easy and very fast to knit up.  This is my first ever pattern, so if you notice any boo-boos, please let me know!  The pattern is soooo very basic, feel free to experiment with it!
I used worsted and a size 7 11' circular. You can do magic loop, two circs or DPNs as you would like!
Cast on in multiples of 6... 30, 36, or 42 stitches.
place a marker and join in a round
Work 15 rounds of 3x3 rib.
Work 20 rounds of stockinette
Starting on stitch one, turn and purl back to the last stitch before the marker.
Turn and knit back to the first stitch.
Work back and forth knitting one row and purling the next for 10 or so more rows, ending with a purl row (make sure you slip the first stitch in each row for a neater look.)
Join back in the round (i k2tog to get a tighter join... if you do this you will need to increase one stitch anywhere in the next round.)
knit one or two rounds.
Work 12 rows of 3x3 rib
BO in 3x3 rib

Happy knitting!!!

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