Thursday, November 3, 2011

Not about knitting...Nature's trick without a treat

I know we live in New England and it snows...I know I should embrace it... BUT, it SHOULD NOT snow before Halloween!  That is just not normal.  It's actually pretty unsettling.  And we didn't just get some snow... we got two flippin' feet of snow!!!  The trees still had leaves on them so the snow snapped them like toothpicks.  Power went out everywhere.  We never lost any trees or power but all of our friends and family were in the dark.  As a matter of fact, today, 4 days after the storm and over a thousand people in our town still don't have power... and its been cold...
Anyway... here are some iPhone pics:
Bubba at the start of the storm as we were all rushing to put away all our patio furniture

The next morning.  Amazingly these trees survived with no limb loss!

The backyard.  It's amazing to see all the branches of the tree almost touching the ground!

Our deck, covered with snow.

I really am amazed that we didn't have any tree damage.  We had a horrible ice storm in 2008 and loss a lot of limbs from all those trees but nothing this storm.
Here are a few pics from the ice storm '08

And then on the day before Mother's day '09 there was a bad thunderstorm and we came home from grocery shopping to find this...

So I guess our poor trees have had enough done to them.  I wonder if they will make it through this winter...

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